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For years, the travel industry has not focused on you, the traveler, instead the priority has been on the services that support travel and produced mass “numbers” for big businesses: airline tickets, car rentals, hotel chains and cruises.

We know that you do not travel to get on a plane, rent a car or stay in a hotel.  We know you travel to explore and experience new destinations, new places and enjoy engaging in things to see and do.

Welcome to American Crossroads, where our first priority is your destination experience.  We want to help you have real relaxation – the kind you can only have when you stop thinking about work.  It takes a great destination story to put thoughts of the office out of your mind.  Yet, that’s what we’re here to do – engage your mind in all the intriguing things about America’s destinations and point out all the best places to explore.

So come along with us on a journey to America’s best places, off the beaten path, on the byways and backroads.  Authentic and interesting places, each with a story to tell.

Every destination has a story to tell.  It emerges out of the heritage of the people who settled and the landscape they found.  No two destination stories are the same, since no two places have the exact same combination of landscape and history.  That makes each destination experience unique.

Engage, experience, explore and escape.

Relax, refresh, renew and rejuvenate.

Return home, the better for it all.  And of course, tell your friends.


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